Custom Men's Star Map Engagement Ring

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Star map man's engagement ring featuring the stars in the Eastern sky seen from the exact time and place of your memorable moment.

This beautiful ring shows the stars in the sky at your exact moment in time - choose the moment you first laid eyes on each other, or the day of your engagement - it's up to you. We look at the stars and then laser engrave this onto your rings for you so you have a unique design that no-one else in the world will ever have. PLEASE use the "Contact Us" Link in the "Help & Info" section at the bottom of this page to give us the precise TIME, LOCATION and DATE (DD/MM/YYYY) you wish us to plot the starmap for. `THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!

These beautiful and elegant rings are highly personal, charming and understated, we don't do cheesy personalisation!

Our rings come in a range of gold carats and colours to fit any style and budget, we also offer them in sterling silver.

Available in 9 carat rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, and 18 carat rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, green gold or grey gold. Also available in silver.

Choose from 5mm and 6mm using the "Contact Us" Link in the "Help & Info" section at the bottom of this page. Choose your size. If you need a sizer please indicate this on your purchase using the drop down menu and we will send one out to you.

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